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Thank you for participating as an Exhibitor at the upcoming TECHSPO Johannesburg 2020, October 14th to 20th, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency Johannesburg, Toronto, ON.

This page includes important information for all Exhibitors. Please bookmark, review and become familiar with this page.

Should you have any questions about the following exhibitor information please contact Aaron Polmeer at aaron[at]digimarcon.com (replace at with @).

Exhibitor Pass Registration

All Exhibitors must register for the TECHSPO Johannesburg 2020 conference to get a complimentary Exhibitor Pass. Instructions how to Register for an Exhibitor Pass will be provided by the Conference Organizer by email.

Exhibitor Deadlines

Exhibitors are required to provide the following items prior to the deadlines indicated below.

Exhibitor Pass Registration

  • Conference Organizer will provide Exhibitors with details how to Register for an Exhibitor Pass
February 29, 2016


Exhibitor Rules & Regulations

Important Dates and Times

The specific requirements as to time for Exhibit Installation, Exhibit Hours and Exhibit Dismantling are listed below. Such requirements shall be binding upon the Exhibitor as though fully set forth herein.

Exhibit InstallationMay 19, 20165:00am – 7:00am
Exhibition OpenMay 19, 2016
May 20, 2016
7:00am – 6:00pm
7:00am – 4:00pm
Exhibit DismantlingMay 20, 20164:00pm – 6:00pm

Exhibit Installation and Dismantling

The Exhibitor may enter the Exhibition Hall for the purpose of erecting, installing and preparing their exhibit space on such dates and times as are advised by the Conference Organizer. All exhibit spaces must be completed and ready at least one hour prior to the official opening of the Exhibition Hall. If Exhibitor has not commenced set-up of its Exhibit by the dates and times listed above, Conference Organizer reserves the right to have the exhibit installed or removed at Exhibitor’s expense, and Exhibitor agrees that Conference Organizer will be released from any liability associated with the set-up or removal of the exhibit or its contents. The Conference Organizer shall have the right to refuse to permit the Exhibitor to occupy or use the stand space until all the sums due to the Conference Organizer from the said Exhibitor have been paid. All exhibits will be installed and dismantled and conform to all times listed above. Conference Organizer will not permit any set up after opening of the Exhibition Hall. Exhibits must remain totally intact until the official Exhibit Dismantling hours. No Exhibitor will be permitted to dismantle an exhibit prior to the official Exhibit Dismantling hours. All electrical installations and connections must be carried out by the Conference Organizers’ nominated third party contractor unless otherwise agreed. Plans for specifically built individual exhibits other than those constructed within the standard shell scheme must be submitted to the Conference Organizer for approval before construction is ordered.

Conference Organizer will abide by the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) Guidelines for Display Rules and Regulations for all conferences where applicable. Conference Organizer reserves the right to reject or require on-site modification of any display that, in Conference Organizer’s sole discretion, is in violation of the guidelines.

If the Exhibitor should fail to remove all his property or otherwise fail to vacate the Event during the official Exhibit Dismantling hours due to any cause whatsoever, the Exhibitor shall be fully responsible for any penalties imposed by the Conference Venue, or any other losses and costs incurred by the Conference Organizer. As a result of the Exhibitor failing to vacate the premises by the agreed time, the Conference Organizer may remove any property of the Exhibitor left in the Exhibition Hall by the Exhibitor after the said time and the costs of such removal shall be paid by the Exhibitor to the Conference Organizer on demand.

Exhibit Space Specifications & Equipment

Standard Exhibit Space size is 8′ x 8′ (10’ x 10’ for Platinum Sponsors). Exhibit Space Equipment provided by Conference Organizer without additional charge includes; one 6′ table with table throw, two chairs, display wall, wastebasket, electrical access, Wi-Fi access. Exhibit Space Equipment shall be returned at the end of the term herein, complete and in good and working condition subject to normal wear and tear. Exhibitor shall have no right, title, or interest in such equipment, but only the right to use it under this agreement. All other equipment shall be provided by Exhibitor at their own expense. All demonstrations and displays shall be confined to the Exhibit Space. Display material may be placed up to a height not exceeding eight feet from the Exhibition Hall floor. In any portion of the exhibit space beyond four feet from the rear display wall of the Exhibit Space, all parts of the exhibits shall be placed not to exceed four feet from the Exhibition Hall floor. If an Exhibitor plans to install a completely constructed display of such a character that the Exhibitor will not require or desire the use of standard exhibit space equipment, no part of its display shall project so as to obscure the view of the adjacent exhibit spaces. Exhibits may be prohibited which do not conform to the specifications, or which in design, operation or otherwise, are objectionable in the opinion of Conference Organizer and the Conference Venue management. Exhibit Space location assignments will be made by Conference Organizer at its sole discretion.

Exhibit Usage

Exhibits must only be used for the purpose of promoting Exhibitor’s products or services and are not to be used for any other business purposes. Anything non-related to the exhibiting company’s products and services must be pre-approved by Conference Organizer. Conference Organizer reserves the right to reject or remove anything that it deems inappropriate for the Exhibition Hall. All sales of products and/or services will be allowed. Canvassing must be confined to Exhibitor’s exhibit space, and all sales activities must take place within that space. Merchandise sales must comply with all local, state, federal laws and regulations. Exhibitor may only display, offer for sale, or advertise merchandise manufactured or sold by Exhibitor or services performed by Exhibitor in the normal course of business. The only exception is when other items are required for the proper demonstration or operation of Exhibitor’s display, products, or services. In which case, the supporting items must be identified by their regular nameplate, imprint, or other identification normally appearing on the item(s). Exhibitors have the right to distribute brochures and other printed matter approved by Conference Organizer, only from the exhibit space occupied by them and no other way.

The Conference Organizer reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any company or product for inclusion in exhibition space and may reject its inclusion at its sole discretion. Lotteries, drawings, guessing games or prize contests of any kind sponsored by individual Exhibitors are subject to Conference Organizer approval and scheduling. Display material must be confined to the individual Exhibitors own exhibit space. No placard, stickers, or other signs relating to non-paid exhibiting firms will be allowed in individual exhibits or anywhere else in the Exhibition Hall. No horns, bells, alarms, or flashing lights will be permitted to be operated. No amplifiers, television receivers or loudspeakers may be operated in the individual exhibits except with the signed approval of the Conference Organizer. No advertising or printed material, which in the Conference Organizers opinion is undignified or otherwise objectionable, shall be distributed.

All non-exhibiting organizations and their representatives are strictly prohibited from exhibiting or conducting business in Exhibitor’s exhibit space. No exhibit or advertising will be allowed to extend beyond Exhibitor’s allotted Exhibit space or above the back display wall. Conference Organizer will have full discretion and authority in the placement, arrangement, and appearance of all items displayed by Exhibitor.

Neither Exhibitors nor non-exhibitors shall distribute to the persons attending the Exhibition Hall and the related conference any printed matter, including without limitation, company specific promotional materials; and complimentary newspapers and other periodicals; samples; souvenirs and the like, except from within its own exhibit space. Special distribution of such material elsewhere must be approved by Conference Organizer. Distribution from booth-to-booth, or in the aisles, is forbidden, and Exhibitors must confine their exhibit activities to the leased space. Strolling entertainment or moving advertisements outside of an Exhibitor’s assigned space is not permitted. Any souvenirs or advertising that is of an objectionable or undignified character will not be permitted. Souvenirs will not be of a noise-making variety.

Any promotional or distribution activities that interfere with the activities of, or obstructs access to neighboring Exhibits is strictly prohibited. If Conference Organizer determines that any Exhibit or its contents require replacing, rearrangement, or redecorating, the Exhibitor will be completely responsible for all costs incurred. Conference Organizer reserves the right to restrict any Exhibit or actions within the exhibit that Conference Organizer considers objectionable. This restriction includes property, conduct, exhibit space attire, printed materials, or anything considered objectionable by Conference Organizer. Conference Organizer will have sole control over admission policies to the Event at all times.

Exhibit Care

All coverings of exhibits must be removed and Exhibitor staff must be on duty not later than one-half (1/2) hour prior to the published opening hours of the Exhibition Hall. No Exhibitor will be permitted to install its exhibit or display in such a manner as, in the opinion of the Conference Organizer, obstructs the light or impedes the view along the open spaces or gangways. Exhibitor may not apply paint, lacquer, adhesives, or other coating to any part of the Facility or to exhibit space equipment not owned by Exhibitor. Exhibitor will be liable for any damage caused to the Facility or other persons or property by its officers, employees, agents, representatives, and contractors and subcontractors and agents or invitees. FINANCIAL PENALTY: EARLY TEAR-DOWN AND/OR LATE SET-UP MAY RESULT IN AN ADDITIONAL PAYMENT OF UP TO 25 PERCENT OF EXHIBIT FEE OR LOWER PRIORITY ORDER IN EXHIBIT SPACE SELECTION FOR FUTURE CONFERENCE ORGANIZER CONFERENCES.

The aisles, passageways and overhead spaces remain strictly under control of the Conference Organizer. No signs, decorations, banners, advertising matter or special exhibits will be permitted in these areas. Exhibitors may not hang overhead signage/materials from the ceiling. All exhibits and activities must be confined to the leased exhibit space. Signs or products shall not be displayed in such a manner as to obstruct the view, cause injury or interfere with the display of other exhibitors. Obstruction of the aisles is strictly prohibited.

Exhibits may not block or visually obstruct aisles, fire exits, fire extinguishing equipment, sprinkler or emergency lighting systems, stairwells, elevators, escalators, utilities panels, and the like, at any time. No demonstration or activity in the Exhibit will be permitted to block or obstruct access to aisles, elevators, stairways, emergency exits, or prevent ready access to nearby exhibit spaces.

Protection of Exhibition Hall

Nothing shall be posted on, or tacked, nailed, screwed or otherwise attached to columns, walls, floors or other parts of the Exhibition Hall without permission from the Conference Organizer. Packing, unpacking and assembly of exhibits shall be done only in designated areas and in conformity with direction of Conference Organizer or their assistants. Care should be taken to avoid any damage to any part of the Exhibition Hall structure. Should any such damage or disfigurement occur, the Exhibitor shall be liable for any reparation charges incurred.

Subletting Space

No Exhibitor shall assign, sublet or apportion the whole or any part of the exhibit space allotted to it. Nor shall any Exhibitor exhibit or promote within its exhibit space any products, materials or services that the Exhibitor does not develop or distribute in the regular course of its business, or allow any other person or party to do so.

Electrical & Lighting

The Exhibitor may provide his own electrical fittings where such fittings are in the form of made-up units, showcases, signs, etc., complete and ready for connection to the main supply provided that they are industry approved and they have been properly tested. If Exhibitor requires additional lighting, Exhibitor must supply their own, including ext. leads, power boards or adaptors. The Conference Organizer expressly declines any responsibility for the condition or compliance of the Exhibitor’s own electrical equipment and reserves the right to remove any that they or the Conference Venue consider not to comply with the regulations in force at the Event or to be dangerous. The Exhibitor hereby warrants and undertakes that any equipment supplied by it shall be of satisfactory quality and agrees that it will be liable for any actions, claims (including without limitation consequential losses) damages, cost and expenses which may be brought, suffered or incurred by the Conference Organizer as a result of a breach of this warranty or undertaking.

Dangerous Materials and Fire Precautions

Exhibitors are responsible for complying with all Federal, State and City laws concerning health and safety, explosives and dangerous materials, combustible or otherwise, as laid down by local authorities and other statutory bodies. Any materials or exhibits not approved by these authorities or the Conference Organizer must be removed from the premises. All inflammable materials shall be effectively fireproofed or otherwise processed against fire in accordance with any statutory or local regulations or requirements to which the Event may be subject. All electrical wiring and cables must be clear of the floor. No packing materials or empty boxes must be stored on or behind stands. Fire Points and Exits must be kept clear at all times. The Exhibitor must adhere to all fire and safety regulations which affect the Event. Wiring must comply with fire department and underwriter’s rules. Smoking in exhibits is forbidden. Crowding will be restricted. No exhibitor shall bring into the facility any combustibles.



Exhibit Staffing

Exhibitor staff must remain at the exhibit space at all times during published Exhibition Hall hours until closing. Actual full-time occupancy or staffing of exhibit space by exhibitor personnel is mandatory. Exhibitors failing to comply with this requirement shall forfeit their rights to said space as well as any and all monies paid. In addition, Conference Organizer may use said space in such manner as it may deem in the best interest of the conference. Conference Organizer may also, at the direct expense of any negligent exhibitor, employ persons to staff any unstaffed exhibit. A fine of $200 per hour will be imposed or levied upon any Exhibitor, for each and every hour, or part thereof, that any exhibit is left without staff (We recommend that two people be available to staff exhibit space for meals, breaks, etc.) No more than four representatives may occupy a single exhibit space at a time. Exhibitor staff will be restricted to Exhibitor’s employees and their authorized representatives. Exhibitor staff must wear their Exhibitor Badges while in the Facility and when attending Event functions. Non-registered exhibit staff will not be permitted in the exhibit area without permission of Conference Organizer. Conference Organizer reserves the right to determine whether the character and/or attire of exhibitor staff is acceptable and in keeping with the best interests of other exhibitors and the Exhibition Hall.

No Guarantee of Attendance

Conference Organizer does not guarantee specific volumes or levels of attendance at the Event. Exhibitor shall not be entitled to any refund, in full or in part, of any amounts paid based on actual attendance level.

Risk & Liability

All property used or exhibited is at the sole risk of the Exhibitor. Exhibitor is, and its agents or employees are, responsible for securing its own exhibit, exhibit materials, handouts and any valuables (such as laptop computers) in transit to, from, and within the confines of the Exhibition Hall; no such supervision will be provided by Conference Organizer or those associated with it. Exhibitor hereby covenants, agrees and undertakes to defend, indemnify and hold harmless, Conference Organizer, the Conference Venue and their respective officers, staff, volunteers, representatives and agents of each of these entities from, against and with respect to any and all special, indirect, incidental, or consequential loss or damage, costs, liabilities, claims, damages, and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable legal fees and disbursements) directly or indirectly including but not limited to personal injury, death, property damage or any other damage or injury to any of the persons or property of Exhibitor, resulting from any theft, robbery, fire, accidents, loss or damage from any cause whatsoever, that may occur to Exhibitor or to Exhibitor’s employees, invitees, licensees, or guests, or their property.

Exhibitor acknowledges that the risk allocations of this Section are reasonable based on the understanding that Exhibitor shall obtain, at its own expense, adequate insurance against any such injury, loss, or damage. Conference Organizer shall not be liable for failure to perform its obligations under this Agreement as a result of strikes, riots, acts of God, or any other cause beyond its control. Anyone visiting, viewing, or otherwise participating in Exhibitor’s exhibit space is deemed to be the invitee, licensee, or guest of Exhibitor, and not the invitee, licensee, or guest of Conference Organizer. Exhibitor assumes full responsibility and liability for the actions of its agents, employees, independent contractors, or representatives, whether acting within or without the scope of their authority. Exhibitor acknowledges that neither the Conference Organizer nor the venue which the conference takes place maintains insurance covering Exhibitor’s property and that it is the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor to obtain business interruption and property damage insurance covering such losses by the Exhibitor.


Exhibitor is required to obtain comprehensive Commercial General Liability and Property insurance coverage commencing on the first move-in date and terminating on the last move-out date for its own exhibit, personnel, display and materials from any bodily injury, death or property damage or loss through theft, fire, accident or other cause and personal injury to others and accepts all risks associated with the use of the exhibit space and its environs. Such insurance shall also provide coverage for Exhibitor’s contractual obligations to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless, as stated in this Agreement. The Exhibitor agrees to have insurance naming Conference Organizer (DigiMarCon, LLC) and the Conference Venue (‘Royal Caribbean International’ as additional named insured (with no limitations) for comprehensive general liability coverage of not less than $1,000,000 for each separate occurrence/$2,000,000 aggregate coverage (for personal injury and property damage), and for theft and fire insurance for all property brought into or used in the Exhibition Hall. The Exhibitor must provide to the Conference Organizer prior to commencing its Exhibit Installation a copy of its public liability insurance certificate. At the request of the Conference Organizer, Exhibitor agrees to provide Conference Organizer a suitable certificate verifying that the required insurance is and will remain in force for the duration of the Exhibition. Exhibitor shall indemnify and defend Conference Organizer for any claim where Exhibitor failed to acquire or provide the requested insurance coverage.

The Exhibitor shall not make any claim or demand or take any legal action, whatsoever, against Conference Organizer, it parent corporation, subsidiaries, all affiliated companies, and/or the Conference Sponsors, for any loss, damage or injury howsoever caused, to the Exhibitor, its officers, directors, agents, representatives, and employees or their respective property.

Code of Conduct

Exhibitor is responsible to the Conference Organizer for ensuring their allocated exhibit space is kept clean and tidy, and store all rubbish in proper containers. The Conference Organizer reserves the right to regulate any activity on the part of any Exhibitor that may cause annoyance to other exhibitors or visitors to the Event. This includes excessive noise from working exhibits or sound equipment. Harassment of attendees or other exhibitors will result in dismissal of the Exhibitor from the Conference, closure of the exhibitor’s display and possible forfeiture of exhibitor’s ability to attend future Conference Organizer events.

Exhibitors shall be responsible for maintaining reasonable and appropriate noise levels as solely determined by the Conference Organizer so as not to interfere with the normal display and conversation of other exhibitors. Conference Organizer reserves the right to restrict exhibits which because of noise, method of operation or any other reason become objectionable. Exhibits, which in the opinion of Conference Organizer, detract from the general character of the Exhibition Hall as a whole will be prohibited. This reservation includes persons, things, conduct, printed matter or anything of a character that Conference Organizer determines is objectionable. In the event of eviction, Conference Organizer is not liable for refunds.

All demonstrations and other promotional activities must be confined to the limits of Exhibitor’s allotted space. Exhibitor is responsible for keeping the aisles near its exhibit free of congestion caused by demonstrations, distribution of literature or other activities. Any demonstration or activity that results in obstruction of aisles or prevents ready access to nearby exhibitors shall be suspended at the request of Management. If any crowding occurs, it is the responsibility of Exhibitor to immediately disperse such crowds.