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Discover the many wonders of Johannesburg from our Rosebank hotel. As the largest city in South Africa, “Jo’burg” is an extraordinary metropolis. Established as a gold rush town just over 120 years ago, it always has been a city of commerce and opportunity.

Even today, Johannesburg continues to attract those looking for opportunity – it’s a city populated by people who have come to realise their dreams.

The city has grown and become the largest and most populous city in South Africa, and the largest city in the world not built on or near a major water source. It is home to Africa’s tallest building, a large Central Business District (CBD) and many smaller urban centres. The Sandton CBD is only 5kms away from our Johannesburg Rosebank hotel.

Johannesburg is lucky to have one of the world’s most pleasant climates – a subtropical highland climate. The city enjoys a dry, sunny climate, with the exception of short late-afternoon downpours in the summer months of October to April, often accompanied by magnificent electric storms. Winter is, perhaps surprisingly, the sunniest time of the year, with mild days but chilly nights.

If work has you too busy to sightsee, there are plenty of ways to relax between meetings. Reward yourself with a visit to the luxuriant Amani Spa and our Fitness Centre. Swim laps in our heated outdoor pool or grab a few minutes of sunshine from a poolside chaise lounge..

Hotel Activities

Amani Spa

Amani Spas is an authentically South African Spa brand, and prides itself with its professionalism, high quality services and standards, and innovation within the Spa, Health and Wellness Industry.

The name “AMANI” meaning “PEACE” in Kiswahili (East African tribal language) encapsulates the spirit of Amani Spa’s philosophy to create an “inner peace” by restoring harmony in all three elements – a physical body, a conscious mind, and an eternal spirit.

Proudly representative of Africa and her long-standing traditions relating to health and wellbeing, Amani focuses on health from a 360º approach to health and wellness, based on the desire to go the extra mile, distinguishing themselves from all other spa operators, keeping up with global trends and benchmarking against the world’s best.

Amani Spa’s 360° philosophy of health and beauty is all encompassing, embracing all aspects of holistic health and beauty. In keeping with international trends, Amani Spas have moved beyond beauty and traditional luxury spa services such as massage, to promote a lifestyle that enhances overall wellbeing and includes alternative health treatments such as hydrotherapy, colour therapy and crystal healing – while still offering luxurious facials, manicures, pedicures and sumptuous body treatments –personally designed to specific needs.

Fitness Center


Extend your lifestyle at the Phumula Spa & Fitness Club at Hilton Sandton Hotel. Break away from your hectic business or social schedule to indulge in the facilities that this day hydro offers. Gaze across the horizon of jacaranda trees as you laze by the pool, or maintain your health and fitness programme at the hands of trained professionals.

Facilities include:

Cardio equipment

  • 4 treadmills
  • 1 stepper
  • 2 bicycles
  • 1 elliptical cross trainer
  • 1 rowing

Strength equipment

  • 1 overhead press
  • 1 abdominal
  • 1 rotary torso
  • 1 compound rowing
  • 1 abduction/adduction
  • 1 double chest
  • 1 weight assisted chin up
  • 1 seated leg curl
  • 1 leg extension
  • 1 leg press
  • Free weights

6 stretch mats

2 stability balls

Yoga away

  • Yoga mats
  • Yoga DVD – Strength – Concentration – Relaxation


Open 24 hours for in-house guests, 7 days a week.



Relax and stay in shape in our outdoor swimming pool located on the sixth floor. This roof-top pool will give you sunshine for nine months out of the year from September to May. You can also enjoy the sunshine on the pool deck during our winter months from June to August.

Our hot tub is always enticing, especially in easing your tired muscles after a long day exploring Johannesburg.

Pool Details:

Open daily 5:00 am – 09:30 pm

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

No lifeguard on duty.


Open daily 5:00 am – 09:30 pm

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

No lifeguard on duty.


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